Recognize Four Sources of Customer Urgency

Look, the truth is, b2b sales people all want the customer to have a sense of urgency when working with us. It simplifies the sales process because they are pushing to get things done.

So why are there times when the customer seems to be moving at the speed of a Glacier?

A lack of a sense of urgency to engage with you is due mostly by a lack of need for having a sense of urgency. What you need to see from your customers or prospects is one of four sources sparking a sense of urgency on their buying cycle.

Here are four sources of customer urgency…

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Does Your Mindset Impact Your B2B Sales Performance?

Here is a topic most b2b sales people seem to ignore. It seems to me it is a topic they don’t understand for the most part.

Yet, your actual sales results plus your ability to successfully change to meet the new world “norms” requires an understanding of the impact of Your Mindset upon your results.

For most people this is a subject that appears to be complex and time consuming to fully understand. Then there is the issue of

“okay, I believe mindset is important, but I don’t know how to use it effectively, develop it or change it for increased b2b sales success.”

And, truthfully I was in this school of thought for years. I knew it was important since most of the self-help books in the late 90’s and the decade of 2000’s talked about self-limiting beliefs being the major blocker to success.

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The Controversial Dead File Tactic

Okay here is a different approach to moving old customers into taking action, yet, it is controversial and is a whether bold initiative.

Let’s set the stage as to why this tactic would be put into play.

First, your customer has not purchased anything over a 12 to 24 month period. And, they tend not to return phone calls or emails with any consistency.

Second, these are the customers (usually past customers or even non-customers) who contact you every month for a quote or for you to bid on an RFP. Yet, you never get any business from this account and typically there is no reasons provided regarding you no sales situation.

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Sixteen Words that Motivate Buyers

You already know I’m big with word usage. The words you use can create a connection between you and the decision maker quickly. In fact, you need to understand word usage at the highest level to become one of the b2b sales superstars.

Now there are the sophisticated version of word usage which helps you actually niche or position yourself with different types of positions. Here we’re talking about researched words, phrases and methods to gain immediate rapport with different position types.

However, in this b2b sales tip, I’m really only using words designed to get the buyers attention and focus to want to know more about what you are offering or talking about. These words have been determined to create the most motivated responses from buyers and decision makers. Therefore, you need to be aware of these words and use them in your emails, texts and letters.

Here are the Big Sixteen…

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Expect Your Buyer to Recheck Their Options

One thing I’m seeing more of in the marketplace today is customers or buyers rechecking their options prior to making a decision. And, in some cases even after they have decided upon one solution – they will still reexamine the facts or options prior to finalizing a deal.

How and Where did this behavioral pattern show up?

Seems this is a byproduct of our recent economic downturn. The fear of making any type of bad decision has created a safety check before buying anything. I have even noticed it happening in our office. Decisions are being second guessed and facts are being rechecked for accurate.

Seems the only way you don’t have this issue is when you have a LONG standing relationship and track record with the same buyers and the trust level is at a peak level with proven measurable performance. Then your chances of rechecking options is low.

For the rest of us, this is a new modification to the sales process. After the buyer has moved close to the final decision point and confidence is high on your part – expect the buyer to review or check their options one more time.

What is causing this recheck situation? There seems to be several reasons and here are the four most common…

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Alert! Your Customer Does Not Need Your Information

One of the biggest changes in the world of b2b sales is the FACT – Your Customers No Longer Need Your Information About Products or Services.

Okay, some of you are yelling at me now since this is your world of selling – to do feature and benefit presentations to your targets. (Can’t call them customers or even prospects, just targets for your presentation.) And, it does not matter if you were told by your sales manager to go deliver this presentation. It is time to think about the people you are selling.

Now is the time to begin to set up a strategy for selling the way customers are buying rather than force feed data dumps on these people. Sorry if I’m sounding like a preacher or someone like that – I’m only trying to get a very important message to you – the b2b sales star of the future.

What has caused this change on the part of the buyer? There appear to be a couple of major reasons. These are…

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Recognizing the 3-E’s a Customer Wants in B2B Sales

Musing on the topic of “What do Customers Want When Assessing a B2B Sales Person or Company?”

This topic seems to lack any clarity regarding what customers want and relating that to what they are willing to pay when they find it?

Okay, I’m back to the world of reality now, so let’s look at exactly what your customers are thinking about when they become aware they need help and assistance to move forward. It really is quite simple once you realize you can categorize what they are looking for from you.

The Three E’s provide the clarity of their want and then you can position yourself or your company to meet those wants. So, what are the 3-E’s? Let’s take a look at the Three E’s…

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Negotiating or Lying – How to Tell the Difference with Buyers

One thing I’m consistently asked is “How do you know if the prospect is being truthful with you or just flat out lying to you?”

Nothing like a little controversy to start the new week! Truthful negotiation tactics or just flat out lying to get you to do something? That is the issue at hand today.

Okay, first let’s take a quick look at truthful buyers. These people just tell you up front – “no. Not today. Get out of here. Please leave you’re wasting my time.” The directness of the statements tells you they mean it. They do not or are not going to do business with you. No doubt, no replay, and no reason to continue at the moment.

By the way, this response is most often triggered by your price being higher than they expected or are getting from your low priced competitor. Therefore, no deal or real negotiation. Other than an occasional – “Is this your best price?” When you say yes – the negotiation is officially over. Move on and be thankful for the direct answer.

There are three ways a buyer will provide tips to you that they are not being fully truthful with you at the moment. Especially during price negotiations.

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Eight Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Been hearing a lot of chatter about Customer Loyalty and whether it is as important as some make it out to be. Well, Grasshopper (there I go showing my age again.), yes, customer loyalty is about the  most important thing that can happen to you.

If you are not focused upon developing long term customer loyalty – well, I bet you are starting from zero business every month.

Customer loyalty means you have a consistent flow of sales created by these loyal customers who would not and will not buy from anyone but you. And, here is the kicker for that statement – most of the time, when asked why the do business with you, they cannot explain it easily – they just know your are the best for them.

So, if you are going to focus on building and developing customer loyalty, there are about eight points you must master if you want a book of loyal customers.

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Mindset Shifts for Understanding Your Customer.

An interesting point of view is – what is your point of view or reference when listening to your customers? Are you only listening for things that fit your agenda to make a sales? If so, you need to review some basic references for active listening.

These listening tips also relate to when you are in negotiation phrases with your prospect or customer. So pay attention to where your mindset is focusing.

Most b2b sales people have their point of view at the center of everything they are doing. How they interact with their customer, what they actually hear the customer say, and their overall purpose of just getting to a close with this customer. All these references are based upon YOUR point of view.

Actually, there are three points of view and the other two are understood and practices by the b2b sales superstars on a regular basis. So, what are the other two points of view you ask?

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