What Tone of Voice to Use In B2B Sales Call?

Recently I had this question presented to me by a b2b sales person. At first, I thought about the typical response of “be yourself” or “match the tone of the person you are calling.”

Both of those answers will get the job done. However, as I began to think about the question in greater depth I realized my first two answers were too board or in some cases difficult to do on the first call.

So, after much thought and clarification I have a real answer for the question in the title of this b2b sales tip. And, here is the answer… 

“Speak in a calm yet positive manner – like a business who sells would speak to another business person as a peer.”

Your objective during your call is to sound authentic and real using a level of self-confidence where you radiate a sense of purpose and reality.

This is what other business people want when dealing with a b2b sales person, a sense of certainty of purpose and the confidence to deliver the results from discussions relative to their business.

The reality is not everyone could be hired to do voice overs for commercials or outstanding presentations. Yet, I have seen a number of b2b sales people make a significant change in their vocal performance.

How does a person become more polished in the vocal patterns? The same way you improve most areas in need of improvement – you rehearse and practice until you get it right.

The faster method I have seen to improve your vocal tone and speech pace using a digital recorder. And, don’t tell me you don’t have one either – if you have a new smart phone you have a digital recorder – check out the users manual.

Practice your introductions using the audio recorder. Listen to how and what you say. Then learn how to emphasize select words or how to use the pause for added emphasis during a talk.

Now, I have also seen the high level or b2b sales superstars hire a speech coach to learn how to use their voice effectively to win more business.

The real key here is to learn the right methods of conversation, relax and most importantly be you. Do not attempt to sound like someone else – it comes across as fake or worst as manipulative. Be yourself, be real and just have a business oriented conversation with the b2b customer or decision maker.



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