How to Get a Target’s Organization Chart

Attention to Detail is not always a strength of b2b sales people, which is one reason why so many b2b sales people fail to get an organizational chart (a.k.a. – org chart) on their target accounts.

Yet, this tool is one of the most important elements you can build or obtain on a targeted account. This is the formal structure used by the customer or prospect to run their business operation – including the hierarchy for decision making.

If this is so valuable why do so few b2b sales people fail to get or build one?

Usually because they either don’t understand the importance or are afraid to ask for one feeling rejection of their request would damage their relationship with their contacts.

Here is a clue your relationship is lacking some trust or credibility. I know when I have a good or great relationship built with a potential client, they are eager in most cases to provide me with an org chart.

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Three Ways to Increase Your B2B Sales Results

Like most b2b sales people I believed there was only one way to increase my b2b sales results – By Getting New Accounts.

This was my self proclaimed method of increasing my results and all my planning and strategy was based upon finding new customers.

Then a Sales and Marketing Guru told me there were three ways to increase my sales results and I should be constantly thinking about finding all three due to the accelerated rate of growth I would receive.

Now, accelerated rate of growth got my attention, so I listened intently to what he had to say. So, now you’re thinking – what are the three ways to grow my sales?

The Three Ways to Grow Your Sales Revenues are…

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Types of Selling Models to Use for B2B Sales

B2B sales people are always asking me this question…

What B2B Sales Model Should I Use today for b2b sales success?

Then we get into a dialogue about the types of selling models and this is where it gets real interesting. Seems the topics all have something to do with a particular Sales System rather than the true model of b2b sales.

There is a huge number of selling systems for you – each guaranteeing you success. However, the true can be found in understanding the foundation of the system – one of the two types of b2b selling – to know if it will really work for you.

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Why is Building Rapport Important in B2B Sales?

Got this question from both a b2b sales person directly during one of our meetings and then I noticed several of you readers were asking the same question through your keywords used to find this site.

So, why is building rapport important to the b2b sales process?

In my opinion it is due to three major reasons. And these three major reasons are…

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What Tone of Voice to Use In B2B Sales Call?

Recently I had this question presented to me by a b2b sales person. At first, I thought about the typical response of “be yourself” or “match the tone of the person you are calling.”

Both of those answers will get the job done. However, as I began to think about the question in greater depth I realized my first two answers were too board or in some cases difficult to do on the first call.

So, after much thought and clarification I have a real answer for the question in the title of this b2b sales tip. And, here is the answer…

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When the Prospect is Nonresponsive to Your Contacts?

Okay, so you have been calling and leaving messages with a prospect and they haven’t called you back. So what do you do now?

First, do not panic or anything like that, trust me here it is not personal. It seems people today have no extra time or even down time for that matter whereby they could call you and learn about your offer. Always remember it is only business.

That being said, there is the issue of poor business choices with your voice mails, letters or email (assuming you have an email address.).

Let’s review a couple of points.

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Are You Lowering Your Hunter Instinct?

I’m having more discussions recently with b2b sales people about how they have no time to find new business opportunities.

Personally, I find this an excuse used often since most sales managers – who have no time – can relate to the lack of time for doing anything else. Thus, the sales managers accept this excuse as a real reason.

Well, again, I feel it is an excuse. An excuse that can limit our sales growth and if you are currently losing a number of customers due to downsizing, mergers, acquisitions, or worst to bankruptcy, then you will have a even larger issue very soon. You will be unable to hit your numbers and people will notice.

So, what should you be doing?

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Is Your Buyer a “Towards or Away From” Individual?

When I ask this question to b2b sales people, I usually get a strange look as an immediate reply and then the famous – Towards or Away From, what are you talking about?

The true is this type of knowledge can mean the difference between making a sales and losing a sale depending upon how you present your solutions. Do I have your attention now?

Good, here is the what I’m talking about…

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One Thing a B2B Sales Person Must Know

Just like the character Curly in the movie “City Slickers” continued to ask people – what is the one thing? Well, b2b sales people seem to very curious as to what is the one thing they need to know more than anything else?

At first, I thought this was a silly and useless question designed to provide some silver bullet solution for higher levels of sales results. Yet, as I began to think about the question and reflect upon the possible answers and the ultimate meaning or impact upon all b2b sales people – the answer came as a blindingly light of the obvious.

In the world of b2b sales, we are no longer pushing things on our customers. We are helping our customers more and more to achieve more themselves.

If that is the case, then as b2b sales people our job is to help our customers solve problems and improve their results. When we do this successfully, we have long term relationships with our customers.

So, back to the question at hand – What One Thing Does a B2B Sales Person Have to Know?

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