Five Concerns About Current Vendors

Continuing the theme of finding possible issues, problems or concerns you need to be looking for in your b2b sales process, you should be aware of five typical concerns customers or prospects have about their current vendors.

These five concerns are very real. When you find a customer or prospect who will confirm this is one of their issues, you are much closer to making a sales or winning an account – assuming you will solve this issue for that customer or prospect.

Here are the five concerns about current vendors… 

  1. They dislike their current sales person
  2. They are dissatisfied with their current level of service
  3. They feel unimportant to the current vendor
  4. The price is never justified or ROI shared
  5. Questions their ability to service their future needs

Each of these five concerns will open the door for you to come in and take business from your competition. There two areas to consider when reviewing this list of concerns.

The first one should be focused upon your own customer list. Have you made certain any of these five concerns are not being used against you? The second area is to look at your prospect list and review each targeted account. Have you identified any of the above issues with these targeted accounts? If you have found a target with these concerns you now have a target looking at a higher possibility of change.

Finally, it is your responsibility to develop a series of questions to find out if you have a window of opportunity to counter these five dissatisfaction’s and win the business. Review each area and look for different ways to confirm or verify this issue is important to the prospect. Include in your questioning process how you can confirm your current customers are happy with you and your service levels.

There you have another b2b sales tips to review for both your b2b customers and prospects. Look for opportunities to both secure your present customers and open the door with your prospects.

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