The Magic Statement for Getting Decision Maker Attention

Recently, while moving offices, I found this amazing Attention Grabber statement. (Actually found the banner – more later, keep reading) It fits the new “models of selling” coming out from several directions. Yet, the truth is – it is really just plain old common sense.

To often we get caught in learning “Ninja” tactics and special “hypnotic” methods to get the attention of our prospects and customers. And, then they figure out it is just more stuff about us or our product – not about them.

In Sales 101 we learned about the customer’s favorite radio station – WIIFM. Yet, we have a tendency to change the channel too often whereby the “Me” is really “You” and not the customer. The station the customer is looking for is the one that is ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER AND THEIR NEED.

So, here is the statement that is guaranteed to capture the attention of any human being who is looking for a real solution to their issue…

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How Are You Getting Hot Leads?

Had a dialogue with a client this week about where their new leads are coming from that lead to new business. The client kept using the term “referrals” as their major driver for new business.

Now on the surface this sounds great and exciting news – referrals are driving all their new business opportunities. Then the dialogue went deeper and the news was not as great.

It appears they were not doing anything to create or control the flow of “referrals.” They just happened to show up from “word of mouth” situations. Is this a real strategy for leads?

This issues happens to most sales people and especially to professional services groups. And, it is similar to the “instant gravitation” found syndrome which is a short term fix. Making matters worst is the continued reliance on this “false” strategy.

The truth is their are two types of “lead generation techniques” which appear to both be labeled as “referrals.” Actually, only one of the techniques is actually a referral.

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Nice Voice Mails Get Deleted Today

Really? Nice Voice Mails Get Deleted!

Welcome to the new world of the busy executives and decision makers. Anything not related to what they need or gets their interest is in automatic delete mode.

Most B2B Sales People call a targeted prospect and leave the following voice mail…

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Not Getting Your Phone Calls Returned?

Seems like no one is returning phone calls these days. For that matter, who is actually answering their phones these days?

I know I have experienced this growing trend in the world of B2B Selling. And, at first I believed these people were just plain rude and courtesy had left the building! Well, the truth is there are other reasons – well, some are just plain rude. ?

The fact of the matter is important people have no time any more. It’s true. I watched an excellent role play at a recent presentation showing exactly how busy people are these days. So, later, I actually chatted with some of the decision maker types that I know ( some actually called me back and others I met at Chamber sponsored meetings.) to learn what there world is really like.

It is amazing these executives and key decision makers have any time to do anything – which explains why so often actual decisions are no decision and the status quo lives on at their companies.

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Increase Your Connections to Make B2B Sales

I’ve been observing and reading other sales experts rail on about how the sales cycles are increasing in length, how hard it is to get an appointment with a real decision makers, and how no one is returning a sales person’s phone call these days. Is this true for you too?

Personally, I had seen these things impacting our sales results over the past four years – the Great Recession seemed to accelerate the trend.

Yet, I have noticed one factor that seems to be gaining strength in our world of impersonal attitudes being displaced by the corporate wizards of purchasing.

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Finding the Right Name to Call

Okay, you have taken the time to plan out an ideal customer profile and have identified several companies which you want to call. You know the rank or title of the position you need to get in touch with to make an appointment to start your sales process.

Now comes the hard part – you have no name or phone number and especially no email address. So what do you do? You know the probability of success increases when you have a specific name to call upon. Again, so what do you do?

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Big Mistake Talking about Your Company

When you are working to get that all important first meeting with a prospect and you have done a good job of getting a prospect on the phone and have used a pretty good value statement or curiosity making statement – are you ready for the next step? You know, the next step where the prospect says…

Tell Me More!

Now the moment of truth arrives. You will choose the next course of action by the respond to this little question with the huge impact. That’s right – huge impact. You will either lose the prospect completely or open the door for the next meeting. It’s your choice.

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Six Reasons a Prospect Will Want to Meet with You

In this super fast paced world of b2b sales, the old methods of calling a prospect and telling them you want to visit to show them something or worst – show them your product are long gone.

Today’s prospects and buyers are usually doing a couple of jobs and really do not want any more on their plate. Their agendas and calendars are full with no space to place another visitor. Oh, did I mention they are short handed and are doing two or three jobs all at once?

This is the new reality or the new norm. So you must be focused, have done your homework, and leave a short message to get the prospect or buyer curious regarding what you want to discuss. This is the overall key – curiosity. When they get curious, you will have a short meeting to open the door to your sales opportunity.

In order to open the door you must offer one of six reasons for them to want to meet with you. Plan your first call carefully, even practice by calling yourself and reviewing your own message, voice quality and does your message get the interest of the prospect or buyer?

Here are the Big Six Reasons…

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