Nice Voice Mails Get Deleted Today

Really? Nice Voice Mails Get Deleted!

Welcome to the new world of the busy executives and decision makers. Anything not related to what they need or gets their interest is in automatic delete mode.

Most B2B Sales People call a targeted prospect and leave the following voice mail… 

Hi, my name is Joe Salesmachine with xyx industries. We are the leader in Whiz Bang widgets and have customers like you all over the world.

If you have a moment, I would like to get some time with you to talk about our newest High Velocity Whiz Bang Widget. I’m certain you will find this to be a first class addition to your company.

Please call me at 444-444-6666 and we can discuss setting up an appointment.

Now, the fact of the matter is this – they deleted your message before the xyz Industries was heard. Why? Because it sounds like every other voice mail they get from your competitors and other sales people.

The key to avoiding the delete button is four fold…

First, stop being nice and sounding like everyone else.

Second, stop using the leader, experts in, world class, or leading anything. It is hyper-bold and focused upon you, your company or your product. In reality, the decision maker cares little about you – they care about themselves.

Third, you need to be unique to get their attention. It is time to be confident and bold.

Finally, the message has to relevant to the decision maker. Meaning the message needs to trigger their curiosity about how you can solve their issue, situation or problem.

Here is the real key to your success in getting your message heard and avoid the delete button.

The message has to be about them and little about you other than you are experienced in the process. If you say anything else about you, your company or your product or service, they will be on automatic pilot with the delete button.

No more winging it with voice messages. Plan your message based upon your research into the company. This will improve your chances of winning the account in the world of b2b sales.

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