Persuasive Statements Based upon See, Hear or Feel Buyers

Now that you have your list of words as well as some understanding of how all these words help identify your buyer or decision makers thinking language, you are now ready to apply this knowledge.

So today I’m giving you some example statements for each of the three representational systems used by people – Visual (See), Auditory (Hear) and Kinesthetic (Feel) types.

I will start with the most common person you will find today – the Visual person. 

Here are Visual Orientation Statements for you…

  • “Imagine how your production line would look if you just…”
  • “Picture this new equipment on your job sites.”
  • “Imagine the smile on your boss’s face when…”
  • “Wouldn’t this report look much more professional if…”

B2B Sales Tips: With the Visual Buyer use Brochures, Charts, Photos and Videos to engage them fully.

Here are Auditory Orientation Statements for you…

  • “Your peers will all talk about your new…”
  • “You’ll be able to enjoy the peace and quite of your new…”
  • “You should really appreciate the clarity of this new conferencing system.”
  • “Would you like to hear about how…”
  • “Let me tell you about the new specs on this…”

B2B Sales Tips: With the Auditory Buyer make verbal presentations and avoid noisy places to engage them fully. Also, when writing to the auditory use a “conversational” tone.

Here are Kinesthetic (Touch-Feel) Orientation Statements for you…

  • “Imagine how you’ll feel when…”
  • “Would you like a hands-on demonstration of…”
  • “Let’s take some action on this item so that we get on with…”
  • “Here are some possible courses of action.”

 B2B Sales Tips: With the Kinesthetic (Touch-Feel) Buyer, if possible, allow the person to actually touch or try out the product to fully engage them. Also, be brief and get them involved as soon as possible.

Special Tip for Group Presentations:

Utilize all the above styles in your presentation. Use brochures or charts for the visuals. Allow for hands-on demonstration by the kinesthetic (touch-feel) people. Include a third party testimonial for the auditory people in the group. At the very minimum, be aware of your own predominant style and include others as much as possible. Think team selling with different approaches to the same information.

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