Words to Identify an Auditory Buyer

After writing about the three primary representational systems, it is time to give you a list of the words using by the different systems.

This is Part Two of a Three Part Series on words using by a visual, an auditory, and a kinesthetic.

The key is to ask a general question and then listen to the response identifying the word usage patterns. Here are two general questions to use for this purpose in B2B Sales…

1.    “Describe to me…”
2.    “What would you change about…”

Fill in the blank in each question using your specific industry issues for a complete question.

Here are the Words for the Auditory Language 

A Word List of Auditory Language

Amplify Announce Articulate
Ask Audible Blabbermouth
Boisterous Call Clear as a Bell
Clearly expressed Comment on Communicate
Describe in detail Discuss Dissonant
Divulge Earful Earshot
Enunciate Exclaim Express yourself
Give an Account of Give me your ear Gossip
Grant an audience Hear Heard voices
Hidden message Hold your tongue Hush
Idle Talk Inform Inquire
Interview Invite Keynote speaker
Listen Loud Loud and clear
Manner of speaking Mention Mutter
Noise Oral Outspoken
Overhear Pay attention to Power of speech
Proclaim Pronounce Purrs like a Kitten
Quite Quoted Rap session
Remark Report Rings a bell
Roar Rumor Say
Scream Screech Shout
Shrill Silence Sound
Speak Speechless Squeal
State Suggest Talk
Tattletale Tell To tell the truth
Tone Tongue-tried Tune
Tuned in (or out) Unheard of Utter
Utterly Vocal Voice
Voice an Opinion Well-informed Within hearing range
Word-for-word Whistling a tune

This is list is designed to assist you in understanding or recognizing visual words in your customer’s language. This list is a starting point as the total auditory words create another dictionary sized post.

Again, the key is to ask the questions necessary to get the customer talking and then you listening intently for the type of words used.

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