Words to Identify a Kinesthetic Buyer

After writing about the three primary representational systems, it is time to give you a list of the words using by the different systems.

So, this is Part Three of the Three Part Series on words using by a visual, an auditory, and a kinesthetic.

The key is to ask a general question and then listen to the response identifying the word usage patterns. Here are two general questions to use for this purpose in B2B Sales…   

  1. “Describe to me…”
  2. “What would you change about…”

Fill in the blank in each question using your specific industry issues for a complete question.

Here are the Words for the Kinesthetic (Touch-Feel) Language 

A Word List of Kinesthetic (Touch-Feel) Language

Active All washed up Bearable
Boils down to Callous Charge
Cold Come to grips with Comfortable
Concrete Control Cool
Cutting Depth Effort
Embrace Emotional Experience
Fall apart Feel Firm
Floating Flow Flush
Forceful Foundation Get a Handle on
Get a load of this Get in touch with Get the drift of
Grasp Grip Hand in hand
Handle Hang Hang in there
Know-how Lay your cards on
the table
Lump Motion Move
Hard-headed Hassle Head on
Heated Heavy Hold
Hold it Hold on Hot-headed
Hunch Hurt Hustle
Intuition Involve Muddled
Not following you Panicky Pressure
Pull some strings Push Respond
Rough Seized Sensation
Sense Sensitive Set
Shallow Sharp Shift
Shock Shook Slipped my mind
Smooth Snap Soft
Solid Sore Stand for
Start from scratch Stir Stress
Structure Suffer Support
Swelling Tap Tension
Throb Tied up Tight
Tired Too much hassle Touch
Unbearable Unbeatable Underhanded
Warm Wear Weary
Whipped Wonderful Wrestled away from

This is list is designed to assist you in understanding or recognizing visual words in your customer’s language. This list is a starting point as the total visual words create a dictionary sized post – which you do not want.

Again, the key is to ask the questions necessary to get the customer talking and then you listening intently for the type of words used.

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