The Magic Statement for Getting Decision Maker Attention

Recently, while moving offices, I found this amazing Attention Grabber statement. (Actually found the banner – more later, keep reading) It fits the new “models of selling” coming out from several directions. Yet, the truth is – it is really just plain old common sense.

To often we get caught in learning “Ninja” tactics and special “hypnotic” methods to get the attention of our prospects and customers. And, then they figure out it is just more stuff about us or our product – not about them.

In Sales 101 we learned about the customer’s favorite radio station – WIIFM. Yet, we have a tendency to change the channel too often whereby the “Me” is really “You” and not the customer. The station the customer is looking for is the one that is ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER AND THEIR NEED.

So, here is the statement that is guaranteed to capture the attention of any human being who is looking for a real solution to their issue…

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Are You Lowering Your Hunter Instinct?

I’m having more discussions recently with b2b sales people about how they have no time to find new business opportunities.

Personally, I find this an excuse used often since most sales managers – who have no time – can relate to the lack of time for doing anything else. Thus, the sales managers accept this excuse as a real reason.

Well, again, I feel it is an excuse. An excuse that can limit our sales growth and if you are currently losing a number of customers due to downsizing, mergers, acquisitions, or worst to bankruptcy, then you will have a even larger issue very soon. You will be unable to hit your numbers and people will notice.

So, what should you be doing?

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You Cannot Win Arguments by Arguing!

Your b2b sales tip today is to avoid arguing with customers.

I should be able to stop with the opening sentence, however, I have found many b2b sales people who feel being “right” is more important than customer relations. And, my response to this is simple – baloney!

There is a “right” and wrong way to deal with arguments with customers. Let me begin with the wrong way.

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Seven Things Customers Want in B2B Sales

Recently I learned a few things about what customers truly want from their B2B sales people. Some of the things they spoke about were just common sense items to me while a couple of factors opened my eyes to some possibilities.

So what are the seven things your customers want? These are the seven most important things for a good sales relationship to happen according to the customers.

Here they are…

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Do You Need an “It” Factor for B2B Sales Success?

Recently I noted several NFL quarterbacks losing their jobs as well as a couple of college quarterbacks losing their scholarships. Each time the reason was “they didn’t have the it factor for winning.”

At first I found this a strange statement, then I looked into this interesting reasoning for success on a football field. Then I began to think about b2b sales people and do they need an “it” factor to be successful?

I believe the answer is “yes” to this question. B2B sales people need to have an internal “it” factor to keep driving their personal and sales team success.

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No Silver Bullets using a Unique Selling Proposition

Unique Selling Propositions – USP – are often presented as the strongest benefit for a given product or service within a targeted segment of accounts. Many sales consultations “yak” about how you must have a USP and without it you will rapidly move into the commodity sales trap.

Well, that is find and dandy if you only sell one product or service to this targeted group of accounts. The truth is often the product is not unique or different from your competition. Now that is a dilemma. If we are selling the same things, how do you separate yourself from the competition?

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Consultative Selling requires Curiosity

I have for many years stated the sales profession is the most sophisticated position in today’s business world. Therefore, the sales position requires the most sophisticated people to succeed in today’ business environments.

One trait that stands out for an effective b2b sales person is Curiosity.

Why curiosity you ask? Good question. The reason curiosity is so important is due to the changing nature of b2b sales. No longer is the memorized sales presentation effective with most buyers and decision makers. The buyers and decision makers have changed and the b2b sales person has to change to meet this new challenge.

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Four Negative Buying Decisions

When I began to look into what buyers and decision makers actually did after I had made a sales presentation, I began to notice different types of decisions that were not the usual “yes” – we want you to start on…

Then I expanded my search for answers by observing my sales clients activities and doing some back checking after proposals or presentations were made – what was the actual decision.

After researching the actual results or decision-making process of buyers, I found four types of negative buying decisions. I want to share these four negative decision patterns with you so you can effectively prepare counters to these actions during your sales process. (That means before you make a sales presentation.)

So, here are the four negative buying decision patterns…

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Beware of the False Coach or Champion

One of the most frustrating situations in b2b sales or any kind of major account sales, is the false coach or champion. You know the ones I’m talking about – the ones who give you bad information regarding your strategy or who is the real decision maker.

This is usually a tough situation since you can be blindsided by someone you thought was helping you in the sale by providing you with excellent or good information about your prospect.

There are usually four types of False Coach or Champions you need to watch out for since they can cause poor decisions on your part. Here are the four types of False Coach or Champions…

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Simple B2B Sales Presentation

Several of you have been asking about what kind of sales presentation do I use in B2B sales or what should I focus upon during the sales presentation?

Good questions and my answer is simple.

First, don’t do a sales presentation until you have all the information you need to build a case for the customer to make a simple decision. Meaning the faster way to lose a sale is to present too early in the sales process since there is probably no value built up for your customer to feel it is good thing to change to your solution.

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