Do You Really Know How People Decide to Buy?

How about a provocative question to start the week? Yet, it is a great question to ask of sales people.

Do You Really Know How People Decide to Buy?

I know you will answer with many of the same answers I have used during the years of b2b selling. Here are many of the typical responses to this question…

  • It was the logical thing to do
  • It was based upon the hot button
  • It solved their problem
  • It had real value add
  • It was the low cost solution
  • It was the safe choice

Okay, once again, focus upon the real question – How Decisions are Made – rather than what you sold them.

Now if you are like most people (and I was included in this group until a few years ago), assumptions were made based upon our experience in selling, what sales trainers had told us and other externally driven answers. However, precious little thought time was devoted to learning how the decisions are made.

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10 Reasons – Why People Buy

While looking through some old notes during the holidays, I found this handy list of 10 reasons or basic needs used by people to buy. And, I thought you may find the list interesting and helpful when selling to the individuals within an organization.

Here are the top ten reasons – Why People Buy

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Five Reasons to Use the Questioning Model of b2b Selling

Just reviewing several notes on effective selling and realized a few sales people keep asking me the same question…

Why Should I Use the Questioning Model of b2b Selling over the Traditional Presentation Model?

Therefore, I decided to point out five specific reasons to use the Questioning Model for b2b Sales. Here are the five reasons for using the Questioning Model for b2b Sales…

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Alert! Your Customer Does Not Need Your Information

One of the biggest changes in the world of b2b sales is the FACT – Your Customers No Longer Need Your Information About Products or Services.

Okay, some of you are yelling at me now since this is your world of selling – to do feature and benefit presentations to your targets. (Can’t call them customers or even prospects, just targets for your presentation.) And, it does not matter if you were told by your sales manager to go deliver this presentation. It is time to think about the people you are selling.

Now is the time to begin to set up a strategy for selling the way customers are buying rather than force feed data dumps on these people. Sorry if I’m sounding like a preacher or someone like that – I’m only trying to get a very important message to you – the b2b sales star of the future.

What has caused this change on the part of the buyer? There appear to be a couple of major reasons. These are…

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Identifying Problems and Concerns is B2B Job One

Enough dancing around the topic, your number one b2b job is to identify and confirm problems and concerns held by your prospect or customer. Everything hinges off of this discovery.

Yes, I know making the sale or winning the account is important. Yet, the fastest way to achieve winning the sale or account is learn about the real problems or concerns the decision maker places at the top of their agenda.

The method you use is the questioning model. Asking questions about possible or potential issues are designed to uncover or confirm the problem or issue does exist for this prospect or customer. This is really your key to the lock on the vault. Use it wisely.

So, what topics or issues do you ask questions about to learn this great information. Here is list of possible issues for b2b sales people…

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