Game Changing B2B Sales Book List

One of my most common questions from my clients involves “what sales books should I read?” or “Do you have a List of Recommended Sales Books?”

So today I’m sharing what I consider to the B2B Sales Books which are all considered “Game Changers.”

Okay, someone is probably asking “what makes these books Game Changers” which is a great qualifying question (Very good if you asked this question to yourself).

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How Emotion Wins and Loses Your B2B Sales

Got to thinking about the role of emotion in our b2b sales world. Interestingly, emotion can be helping us win accounts or it can be driving a wedge between us and the decision makers. This is the classic case of a dilemma.

Okay, so we all know that all decisions are 100% emotional and we need to engage the emotional side of the decision makers brain. That is correct and this is an example of the positive side of using emotions in the b2b sales process.

So how can emotion be a problem for our b2b sales success?

Simply when we get too emotional in our sales process.

There are several ways this occurs, so let me review the negative side of emotion relative to our sales success.

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Does Your Mindset Impact Your B2B Sales Performance?

Here is a topic most b2b sales people seem to ignore. It seems to me it is a topic they don’t understand for the most part.

Yet, your actual sales results plus your ability to successfully change to meet the new world “norms” requires an understanding of the impact of Your Mindset upon your results.

For most people this is a subject that appears to be complex and time consuming to fully understand. Then there is the issue of

“okay, I believe mindset is important, but I don’t know how to use it effectively, develop it or change it for increased b2b sales success.”

And, truthfully I was in this school of thought for years. I knew it was important since most of the self-help books in the late 90’s and the decade of 2000’s talked about self-limiting beliefs being the major blocker to success.

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Success Mindset #4 – It’s All About the Customer

This is the fourth of a four part series on Success Mindsets for greater B2B sales success. When you use these four mindsets wisely and often, you will join the ranks of the B2B Sales Superstars.

The Fourth Success Mindset is…

It is ALL About the Customer

This Success Mindset should be well known and used every day, except it is not used by the vast majority of the b2b sales people I speak with today. Why? Because most b2b sales people are focused upon the sales of their product or service rather than the needs or desires of the customer.

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Success Mindset #3 – Practice Makes Perfect

This is the third part of a four part series on Success Mindsets and how you will win more often when you use them correctly.

The Third Success Mindset is…

Practice Makes Perfect

This is the most over looked of the success mindsets. Why? Because it takes effort and discipline to think like a real winner.

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Success Mindset #2 – Everything is Possible

This the second part of a four part series on having a success mindset for your b2b sales career.

The second success mindset is…

Everything is Possible

Now, I know there are some people saying this is just a Pollyanna statement could not be true. And, if you truly believe that everything is not possible – then you are also right. Confused? Read on to learn more.

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Success Mindsets #1 – You Can Improve.

In an effort to give you insight into how to have a better 2011, I felt it would be great to get you thinking about four success mindsets that can drive your personal and business success during 2011. Your ability to win more b2b sales will depend upon your complete understanding of these four mindset principals.

The first success mindset is simply…

You Can Improve Anything You Truly Want to Improve.

This statement is based upon the concept of continuous improvement and continuous learning. Both are important and will lead you to higher levels of performance.

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Do You Need an “It” Factor for B2B Sales Success?

Recently I noted several NFL quarterbacks losing their jobs as well as a couple of college quarterbacks losing their scholarships. Each time the reason was “they didn’t have the it factor for winning.”

At first I found this a strange statement, then I looked into this interesting reasoning for success on a football field. Then I began to think about b2b sales people and do they need an “it” factor to be successful?

I believe the answer is “yes” to this question. B2B sales people need to have an internal “it” factor to keep driving their personal and sales team success.

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