40 Reasons to Ask Questions in B2B Sales

Again, I am surprised by the amount of push back I get regarding the use of questions in b2b sales today. It is the key sales skill necessary for continuous b2b sales success.

So, if you need more reasons for using questions in your b2b sales process, here are forty reasons to use questions…

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You Cannot Win Arguments by Arguing!

Your b2b sales tip today is to avoid arguing with customers.

I should be able to stop with the opening sentence, however, I have found many b2b sales people who feel being “right” is more important than customer relations. And, my response to this is simple – baloney!

There is a “right” and wrong way to deal with arguments with customers. Let me begin with the wrong way.

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Tidbits for Thought

Since my goals with my clients is to get them to think about things differently, I believe it is time for a new segment for my b2b sales readers. Tidbits for Thoughts is designed to get you to think about certain things and to ask the questions – “Do I use this currently? Have I done this lately? Should I do it to become more successful? What else do I need to know about this? And How can I learn more about…?”

So here are few things to think about or Voss’s Tidbits for Thought

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Positive Attitude in Five Easy Steps

One of the toughest jobs for a sales person is to remain positive in your attitude. Especially today with all the talk about recession and down turns it is easy to get caught up in the negative talk.

Well, get tough and get going to the positive side of things. Remaining positive gives you the self-confidence to stay in the hunt for new deals, new accounts and recognizing new opportunities when others only see hard work.

So here are five steps or changes to your lifestyle designed to give you the extra advantage of a positive attitude.

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News Flash – Talent or Potential is NOT High Performance

I was reading about how JaMarcus Russell was cut by the Oakland Raiders football team. He was the number one draft in the NFL a short three years ago.

He possessed all the talent anyone could ask for in an NFL quality Quarterback – size ( 6 foot 6 inches and over 250 lbs) and arm strength ( could throw a football the length of the field) and a history of success – (High school state championships, All State, Lead LSU to two SEC championships and two major bowl victories). Yet, something happened to this possible superstar – he failed in the Pro ranks.

So, if Talent or Potential cannot automatically create high performance – what can product high performance? …sales performance?

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Find New Accounts to Grow Your Sales

I am asked multiple times a week, How Can I Grow My Sales?

This questions hangs with every sales person I speak to and to my surprise very few get the best answer to question.

What is the answer?

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Sales Tips and Sales Techniques of the Week

Okay, here is a quick sales tip for learning about competitors activities. Or to learn who else is calling on your clients. I have used these direct sales tips in several industries and have taught clients to use this sales technique to learn who is active with your customer or prospects.

Here is the key sales technique – Check out the visitor logs at the main desk. This is a great source of information about who is activity visiting the account.

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Are You Using the One Percent Solution?

Are you using the one percent solution in your personal growth as a sales person? This question is important – if you really want to be good or excellent in selling.

The best sales people are always learning things to improve their sales success. How often do you learn new things about sales, selling to difficult people, industry trends of your products and your customers, new technology in processes or industry? Get my drift here. Learning is not an option – it is mandatory.

So what is this one percent solution?

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Explain What Success Looks Like to the Prospect

One of the most overlooked sales tips is for the sales person to explain what success looks like to the prospect. This is a very simple task. Yet, it commonly overlooked by most sales people while actually being one of the most successful sales techniques you can use. So how does this work? Again, it … Read more…